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16 abril, 2021
Physical vs Psychological Dependence: Do You Understand the Difference?
21 mayo, 2021

I became an alcoholic because of geo-psycho-social reasons. Geographically I lived in a community of drinkers. Psychologically I have a propensity to addictions. My social circle and career field glamorized drinking. My parents didn’t drink, so I was not raised in an alcoholic household. In fact, my dad’s dad was an alcoholic and my parents steered clear of drinking. They didn’t have a liquor cabinet in the house.

It just didn’t feel purely mental. And so I kept asking absolutely anybody who would listen to me on the BFB like, do you guys feel the same way? And I sort of, we were, like, could handle the exact same feeling as them. And now every time I see something like that on BFB, if I go in and take a look, I always, you know, post “Yep. It’s terrible.” And I see, you know, I tagged all my littermates who had the same feeling. But like, it’s possible that I was just a little bit obsessive about day counting and what it meant and what phases we go through.


And is it constructive to constantly remind yourself that you are weak, flawed and despicable? All drunks are not worthless jerks. If you are an abusive drunken jerk, then do something about it. If you think this website is useful and entertaining, wait until you read the book.

  • I’m scared that people won’t be supportive, and I’m scared to be this honest and vulnerable.
  • They often dont have the possibility to walk out of the house for a couple of hours, like men tend to do whenever they feel the need.
  • Unlike Ingrid, I live 30 minutes outside Seattle.
  • So I call friends to help calm my nerves and everything they say is very logical…
  • SoberWorx was founded to provide video support and resources to all those suffering from addiction including the loved ones of those addicted.

Nothing bad can happen from getting some advice or gaining knowledge about any problem. And nothing bad will happen by you stopping to drink – you can always start again. This was my nightmare of all nightmares. Now, looking back I realize I knew it was coming.

Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more) By: Mark A. Tuschel

That’s what I use Twitter for I started Instagram. It’s too much like, I don’t I think it might be my alcoholic addictive side. But like, I can’t manage more than one. So I don’t give a lot of attention to Instagram. I kind of have it as like, you know, to tag guests if needed, but like, like, I can’t, I can’t do more than just Twitter. Like it’s just asking too much of me so but I I do really enjoy more than I thought I would the the connections that you can get out of the online presence.

living sober sucks podcast

This book was not intended to be a literary masterpiece – it is far from that. It is written in a simple, crude and raw fashion. I wanted it to be easy to read, entertaining and helpful to people that want to live a normal life sober. My story is not glamorous – this is a story https://ecosoberhouse.com/ for the rest of us. This is a way to get sober and stay sober for the average person. It is a way to accept the real world with an open mind and live life to its fullest – SOBER. This has been a wild, volatile, crazy and painful journey for me, and it’s nowhere near being over.

That Sober Guy

Welcome to Breakfast with an Alcoholic! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us. A show that will take a hard look at recovery and how it isn’t all pink clouds and rainbows.

living sober sucks podcast

I am not a trained therapist, I do not have any formal education with regard to substance and alcohol abuse. While I have taken it upon myself to study about substance abuse and rehab over the past four years, I have mostly learned from my own experience and the experiences of others. I only know what I was able to do for myself. And you will have to do this for yourself.

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My family and friends are proud of what I’ve done—I sobered up on my own. No rehab, no program, no regular meetings. This is why I undertook writing alternative strategies and techniques for sobriety. I wanted to develop my own personalized plan to aid me in making the best out of my own sobriety.

  • We know so many women who stopped drinking alcohol for Sober October or Dry January who decided to continue riding this AF train even after their month was “up”.
  • Not having had a lot of positive reinforcement in our past, we have to make an effort to begin to counteract that inner critic.
  • Henk – Right after leaving treatment, I found that I had no hobbies and no friends.
  • Sure, your sponsor may tell you, “if you work the steps the steps will work and youll regain things that you have lost.” But to me thats giving someone false hope and its far too vague.
  • But you and your situation are far different from mine.

And that is at a point of great change. Everything in my life has lead me to this point. I know in my gut, with every fiber of my being and pound on my body, that this is the only solution left. I’ve tried limiting drinking to weekends, drinking only at home, drinking only a certain kind of alcohol, drinking only for a certain number of hours – I’ve tried everything. I’ve taken “breaks” from drinking before when I’ve been spiraling out of control; I’ve “slowed it down.” But once I started again, I ended up right where I had been. I know I can’t just “take a break” this time.

Maybe you just want to have a savings account for emergencies so you’re not always worried about having enough to pay bills. That’s why I present the concept of Marks Reward System in my book. I give examples of how to expand your creativity and how to see yourself as a sober person.

I hope that my style arouses emotions within YOU and gets YOU to do some thinking on your own and come to your own conclusions. Get FREE daily coaching messages from Chris Scott to help you quit or cut down on alcohol in just 10 days. But I’m living proof that another way out of alcohol addiction – a more proactive, more empowering, more sobriety sucks effective, and more exciting way – is 100% possible. Stop feeling guilty, stop draining your willpower, and stop thinking that there’s something deeply wrong with you that means that you’ll never be able to thoroughly enjoy life again. You don’t have to let yourself hit rock bottom and then declare that you’re an alcoholic forever.

Nothing will ever replace alcohol or the effects of alcohol, however, so coming to this realization alone is at least a step in the right direction, I think. I’ve gotten more into exercise.

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